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yeastarESA Partner has standardised on the Yeaster S-series as the preferred IP PBX for small, medium and large customers with the S-series offering solutions from 5 users to 500 users with up to 120 concurrent calls. The Yeastar range offers full IP or hybrid options allowing businesses to merge their current analogue handsets into their new IP PBX or completely overhaul their communications with full IP.

The Yeastar S-series is packed with features that cater for the small and large business from basic functions such as auto-attendant, follow me and call queuing to more advanced features such as mobility extension, one-touch recording and real-time status monitoring.

Yeastar S-Series

The S-series is the latest in the Yeastar range, a VoiP PBX offering its users the highest MTBF (mean time between failures) in the industry. The S-series covers all the same bases as the U-series but offers users a variety of added functions for greater productivity.

Our team of VoIP technicians are certified in the Yeastar range and currently service more than 300 systems in the field and install up to 30 new systems each month. The Yeastar S-series suits every business communication need and has a modular design making it scalable for easy growth with your business.

In conjunction with the Yealink range of IP handsets, the Yeastar is a powerful VoIP / IP PBX and surpasses other more recognised brands in functionality, reliability and ease of use. We recommend the Yeastar to any business looking for a good communication solution for the long-term.