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Majority of businesses in South Africa are supported by a variety of technologies from a range of suppliers – from copiers to telephone systems, to servers and even CCTV systems. Every time they encounter an issue with one of these technologies business owners are required to phone the relevant technology providers call centre, only to be pushed in multiple directions between providers before ever getting the issue they called in for resolved.

Imagine this, your printer is not printing so you phone the company that services your printer, only to be told its your internal network, so, you phone your IT company who checks the network and sends you back to your printer company. A few hours have passed and you’re no closer to getting your printer working. This is the reality for many businesses but, when consolidating your technologies under a single service provider, you can eliminate these circumstances that make you want to rip out your hair.

We have perfected this model, by providing a truly consolidated service that incorporates all the technologies that a regular business could need. By consolidating technologies under one roof, businesses can benefit from:

  • One support number to contact for all technologies
  • A company with access to be able to resolve issues between technologies
  • Seamless communication and integration between technologies
  • Faster turnaround times on fault resolutions
  • A single company to hold accountable across multiple technologies rather than dealing with the blame-game between suppliers
  • A single account for all technology services
  • A provider that understands your business holistically

In addition, by partnering with ESA, businesses don’t ever need to deal with waiting in a queue to be answered by a call centre agent. When our clients call us, we’re picking up and we’re ready to respond to whatever enquiry comes our way. Because our business is built on partnerships we aim to partner with our clients by understanding their business and providing a solution to meet their needs across technological platforms and we support all the technologies we put out in the field.