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M-Files is more than just a document management system, it’s an information management system, managing all your business information no matter where it’s stored. The system integrates with various other software tools such as SAP, Sharepoint, Salesforce and various others, making it truly simple to manage every piece of information and have centralised management of all internal documentation. The system incorporates content management, document management, contract lifecycle management, project management and more.

Cloud, On-Premise or Hybrid Solutions

M-Files can be used by any business, anywhere because of its cloud presence that makes it possible for users worldwide to access important information at the click of a button. For businesses who require an on-site solution, M-Files is also deployable on local servers and for added security, a hybrid solution can be deployed, giving you the best of both worlds and ensuring your system is always backed up.

Caters for all Business Roles, Industries and Cases

M-Files caters for every sector of the business market from financial services to manufacturing and logistics and caters for every business role within the company from CEO to HR to IT, and everything in-between. The M-Files system also manages every business case from invoice processing to SOP’s to contract lifecycle management, every case is different and M-Files can manage it all.

Full Integration With Various Systems

To really make M-Files an end-to-end information management tool, it can integrate with virtually any business software. Some of the major integrations are Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook), Sharepoint, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce CRM, AutoCad, AutoCad LT, AutoDesk and SAP. With such a wide integration platform, its easy to see why M-Files is the best solution for managing your information.