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LTE (or 4G LTE) is a GSM/EDGE based wireless technology for high-speed data and voice communications. With our LTE internet solutions, businesses as small as one user can afford to have fibre-like speeds capable of handling their internet and voice needs on a single connection.

ESA Partner has standardised on LTE as the preferred medium for voice services for the SOHO and SME market as it offers customers a high-speed service with a lower contention that traditional copper services. By using LTE for voice services, customers have the ability to avoid the use of copper lines that are costly and often unreliable.

With our specialised solutions, LTE customers can opt to use their LTE with a secondary connectivity medium for increased uptime guarantees on the last-mile.

Why choose LTE through ESA?

ESA Partner has relationships with all the major LTE networks, giving us the ability to service customers virtually anywhere in South Africa. With our dual-network solution, we can offer customers redundancy on their LTE across multiple networks, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

LTE offers customers a great load of value, including:

Superfast Internet Speeds

Quick lead times and Installation

Dual-network failover capabilities

QoS for voice communications (on ESA’s network)

Highly Economical