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We offer the very best in wireless technologies offering licensed and unlicensed services throughout South Africa with presence in all the major regions. Our services range from 5mbps to 60mbps with 1:1 and 3:1 contention options. All our wireless products are asynchronous, providing users with the same upload and download speeds for great user experience

Licensed and unlicensed wireless refer to the frequencies used to deliver the wireless service within certain areas. Licensed wireless is issued a specific wireless spectrum by the government for each service provider meaning that there is no interference from any other network services. Unlicensed wireless operates on an open spectrum where quality of service (QoS) cannot be guaranteed as there are many networks operating on this spectrum.

Why Wireless Internet?

Fast internet with short lead-times, giving you uncapped internet at speeds from 10mbps to 60mbps with low-latency, low-contention and guaranteed uptimes.

Quick Installation lead times (7-10 days)

Unshaped and Uncapped Bandwidth

Uncontended to the data center

99.5% uptimes with dual-tower redundancy capabilities

QoS for voice communications

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