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Fibre optic internet is the hype in South Africa and the future for both households and businesses alike throughout South Africa and the world. Fibre offers businesses a high speed internet connection ranging from 2Mbps to 10Gbps. Through our relationship with Centracom, we have partnered with various fibre providers including Seacom, Bitco, Neotel and Telkom in order to provide our customers with affordable fibre to their businesses and their homes.



Get the upload and download
speeds you are paying for. With
fibre optic internet, you receive the
same upload and download speeds,
so, if you order a 10Mbps, that is
what you will get on upload and
download speeds. No need to worry
about slow upload speeds in your
business any longer.


No unstable
copper networks

Fibre optics runs completely
separate from the traditional copper
telephone and internet lines and is
a completely different and superior
technology guaranteeing you a
reliable internet service that isn’t
affected by magnet fields, is not
prone to cable theft, and transmits
data at speeds multiple times that
of traditional copper.

low latency

Low Latency


Fibre optics offers users low
latency which means that the time
it takes to get your data from your
side of the world to the other side
of the world is speedy. With the low
latency connection, you are able to
connect to servers across the world
as if those servers were in the same

How we connect you

We aggregate our fibre connectivity from multiple networks into our MPLS core,
allowing us to provide our clients with affordable pricing as well as a national
footprint for fibre connectivity. We have partnered with leading fibre companies
such as Centracom in order to provide a range of fibre products at competitive
prices. We provide broadband fibre, uncontended fibre and FTTH/FTTB to our
customers across South Africa.

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