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The need for CCTV surveillance is on the increase as individuals are feeling more at risk in their homes and their business with the incline in crime stats over the last decade. With a CCTV surveillance system, business owners and home owners can feel secure knowing there is always a pair of eyes watching over their assets and recording every event for when an incident occurs and a review is needed.

With the development of new technologies, CCTV surveillance systems are growing in their functionality, making it possible to remotely view your home or business on your cellphone in HD quality, reading number plates of vehicles more than 100m away and providing facial recognition and analytics.

We have partnered with some of the largest and most renown surveillance manufacturers in the world to provide a high-quality product for every sector of the market from home user to top-end medical facilities or banks. With Hikvision, Provision and Avigilon, there is a solution that suits every need.

Hikvision Analogue & IP CCTV

Hikvision is a global manufacturer of analogue, analogue HD and IP video surveillance systems specially designed and manufactured for the SME market. Hikvision is a leader in the supply of surveillance worldwide with a market share of 19.5% in 2015 and ranked first in the EMEA market with a 12.2% share.

ESA Partner has been in the sales and the installation of the Hikvision product since 2008 and has worked on sites with various needs. Our team of certified technicians offer customers the guarantee of a professionally installed system, built to specification with the correct hardware to cover every angle of your business.

Provision Analogue & AHD CCTV

Provision is an internationally recognised video surveillance and security manufacturer rated among the top, alongside brands such as Hikvision. Provision’s range of surveillance systems come in analogue, AHD (Analogue HD) and IP and are suitably priced for the SME market.

ESA Partner has been supplying and installing the Provision product since 2016 and is a certified Provision installer in South Africa, guaranteeing the highest quality expertise in the specification and setup of your home or business surveillance system.

Avigilon™ HD Video Surveillance

Avigilon™ is the leading IP-HD video surveillance manufacturer in the world, providing surveillance for some of the largest businesses in the world such as medical facilities, banks, airports, correctional facilities and more. Avigilon™ prides itself in their trademarked HDSM (High Definition Stream Management) technology providing superior quality video at a lower bitrate.

ESA Partner has been partnered with Avigilon since 2008, building solutions to specification for various businesses requiring top-of-the-range surveillance systems with advanced analytics and management tools.