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The ESAPARTNER Cloudcall hosted call centre solution is designed to optimize employee productivity by equipping supervisors with the right tools to manage their employees. This is achieved through the creation of two modules, namely Agent and Supervisor, each of which are packed with features and benefits.

Call Centre Agent Operations

The call centre agent module is designed with the aim of enhancing and simplifying the agents work environment from the login screen through to queues, agents display, alerts, notification and all the way to CRM integration. The agent panel simplifies the handling of incoming calls and queues, allowing agents to see other agents phone presence, send internal instant messages and make calls straight from the panel. To manage customer service, the hosted call centre agent module gives agents the ability to configure the system to alert them if some of the call parameters in a specific queue are over the specified value eg. if a caller is waiting longer than a specified time.


Queue management is made simple by displaying all the queues on the system in real time with data such as Calls Offered, Calls Answered, Calls Waiting, Members Idle etc.

Agent Stats

Display agent statistics such as number of calls, talk time averages and totals, idle time averages and totals, logged in time averages and totals, not ready time averages and totals among other stunning stat features.


Integrated into the system is the wallboard facility that cycles through all queues automatically enabling supervisors to constantly monitor queue statistics in real time.


Want a visual of all the relevant stats? The graph visualization allows supervisors to see call centre daily stats like received calls, answered calls, unanswered calls and more in real time on an easy-to-read graph which can be displayed on multiple screens.


Supervisors can manage each agent individually with the agents panel that allows them to see active agents status with relevant data of the agent and their calls.


Supervisors and agents can communicate with each other in real time and agents can request supervisor assistance. Supervisors have access to all requests with relevant information such as agent name, agent ID, date/time etc.

Supervisor Panel

The Cloudcall hosted call centre supervisor panel is designed to maximize workflow and efficiency of call centre supervisors. The system achieves this by providing supervisors with all the tools needed to excel at supervising a team of any size. The supervisor panel includes:

call centre queue panel on cloudcall

Cloudcall enables users to communicate using high quality audio (4.2 MOS rating) and giving users the benefits of free calls between users and some of the most affordable rates when dialing to other networks. The Cloudcall softphone mimics the actions and layout of a standard desk phone which makes it easy to use and accommodate and is packed with features and benefits beyond those that can be offered on traditional PBX’s or call centre systems.